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Our Featured Artist for November:

Randy StonehillFrom the Sherri Youngward website:

Becoming a Christian at eighteen introduced Sherri Youngward to the concept of worship music. "It was so amazing to me, to be sitting with a group of people singing to God. I loved music before, but now I was experiencing why music was created."

Sherri's songs are often written like stories, based on real experiences and people in her life. Her first performances at youth detention centers provided inspiration for much of her early lyric writing. "My style of writing started because I was thinking of these kids. I knew that I had one shot to sing a song. I wasn't there to just entertain them. I wanted to present them with the same Truth that I learned about as a teenager. Singing about real people and real experiences made us connect right away. I have found the same to be true wherever I play. If the songs didn't have true meaning attached to them I would have a hard time singing them over and over with any passion."

Over the course of four albums, Sherri Youngward has crafted songs that are as scriptural as they are emotionally resplendent, as deeply worshipful as they are genuinely artistic. Her music is full of passion, and integrity. Each song communicates worshipful and reverent devotions of longing for and reliance of Christ in our lives. "There is a powerful stirring in our hearts when song and Word combine to lead us to the throne of Christ." (excerpt from HM Magazine)
Sherri has been in music ministry full time for about seven years. She spends a large part of her year traveling and playing venues ranging from leading worship for churches and retreats, to playing concerts for colleges and festivals.


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